Holocaust Remembrance – personal testimonies

Holocaust Remembrance – personal testimonies

Israel recently marked Holocaust Remembrance Day. As with any Jewish organization, the horrors of the Holocaust are usually not more than a few steps removed from any Jewish people. 

We decided to film the testimonies of some people who are near and dear to the greater Shavei Israel family.

Dr. Yehuda Schwartz, husband of our own Edith Blaustein, and son of Holocaust survivors, tells the difficult tale of his parents, and the challenges of growing up as a child of survivors. 

Additionally, we have the testimony of Dr. Charles Siegman, father of our Machon Milton teacher Dafna Siegman, as he tells the story of being a young boy of 5 when the war broke out and of the invasion of Holland, the deportation of his parents and his own deportation to Terezin, (Theresienstadt) and of his near deportation to the death camps a number of times.

Difficult but important to share. Never forget…