Welcoming a tiny new member of the Cali Jewish community

Welcoming a tiny new member of the Cali Jewish community

Colombian-born Rabbi Asher Abarbanel, our much-loved representative in Cali, Colombia, and his wife Margalit, had something special to celebrate with the community he serves: the brit milah of his first-born son. Rabbi Asher was thrilled to announce the good news, and the brit was celebrated in their synagogue “Maguen Abraham” in Cali, Colombia, an emerging Jewish community with over 100 members, who have been building up both the physical and spiritual aspects of their growing community for over ten years. 

Today there is a trend of ’emerging’ Jewish communities composed mostly of converts, particularly in South and Central America, especially in Colombia. A large number of these converts have Jewish origin, going back to the dark days of the Inquisition. Many have rediscovered their Jewish roots and hidden traditions that their grandparents had camouflaged, fearing persecution, and embarked on a journey back to Judaism.

Rabbi Asher’s beautiful baby was named Gadiel Rachamim. May his parents merit to raise him “to Torah, to the marriage canopy and to good deeds”. Mazal tov!!