Shavei’s Chinese Jewish resources in demand

Shavei’s Chinese Jewish resources in demand

As many people know, one of Shavei Israel’s many projects is curating, writing and publishing books and materials in numerous languages, translations and transliterations for our various communities across the globe. Since the viral news about the dreidel with Chinese characters, we’ve been receiving many requests for our books and other products in the different languages we create and curate to service our communities.  

Whether it’s a Chinese birkon (book of blessings related to meals), a Mizo siddur (prayer book), or those famous dreidels, we’re just thrilled to show we care, and to make a difference for members of lost and hidden Jewish communities around the world, and any others who choose to learn about and support them.

To order our Chinese character dreidels at 15 NIS + S/H contact us at Supplies limited!