Our special connection with Genie Milgrom

Our special connection with Genie Milgrom

Our connection to Genie Milgrom is deep and rich. Whether it is enjoying her company on her visits to our Jerusalem offices or benefiting from her tremendous work on behalf of the Bnei Anusim, the value that the genealogist and crypto-Jewish researcher adds to our work and staff is immeasurable.

Among the various books she wrote, Genie wrote an important chapter on genealogy in our book, ‘Do You Have Jewish Roots? ‘ in which she guides people how to research their Jewish roots.

We recently received her latest books ‘My 15 grandmothers‘ and ‘Recipes for my 15 grandmothers‘.

Reading the book ‘My 15 grandmothers’ over a Shabbat was enthralling. It was a true page-turner that could not be put down until the book was finished. It is so fascinating how she discovered fifteen generations of her own past. In particular, the special story that unfolded in Fermoselle, a town in western Spain, was captivating. Genie had been researching her roots for years and discovered that her family was firmly tied to Fermoselle. When she got there, Genie had built an 800-member family tree dating back to the year 1545. After asking the locals if they knew any memories or stories about the Jews and only receiving ‘no’ for an answer, she had all but given up when she found a woman in the town who ‘happened to’ have answers. Of course it could only have been divine providence that guided Genie to this woman who was a historian.

As a professional working with Bnei Anusim, I found this book very inspiring, as well as very useful as a guide for someone looking for their Jewish roots. In my opinion, this is proof of divine providence, that God is working “behind the scenes” to ensure the return of the lost and hidden Jews and that God wanted her back among the people of Israel.

I not only recommend this book to anyone who is interested in their own Jewish roots, but also to someone who simply wants to enjoy a fascinating read.