Toasting the New Year with a new exhibit

Toasting the New Year with a new exhibit

As is customary in so many workplaces in Israel, the staff at Shavei Israel had a beautiful ‘haramat kosit’ – literally a ‘raising the glass’ to toast the New Year. As we reflected on the many challenges and accomplishments of the past year, including bringing over 500 Bnei Menashe to Israel despite a global pandemic, we also expressed our hopes and dreams for the coming year, for all of the communities we work with. 

Most exciting was the backdrop of our event: the beautiful, new exhibit on the Kaifeng Jews. Designed mainly with magnificent pictorial panels, it tells the story of the Kaifeng Jews from the past to the reawakening of their Jewish spirit, to their dreams of aliyah and living a Jewish life. 

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