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Beginner Improv Choreography with Sha'vei and Gene!

Saturday, June 21st 2014 from 4 to 6pm

Halima's House on the Hill

1828 Littlestown Pike, Westminster, MD

$30 per person in advance. No cash at the door.

Please contact Halima at [email protected] for payment information.

Join us for this fabulous workshop with two outstanding teachers! Whether you are a beginner student or those who have never danced, easy choreography phrases that will build their improvisation confidence while reinforcing beginner technique.

This class will include:

• Introduction to Middle Eastern Rhythms - choreography is based upon a chosen rhythm and the student learns to identify.

In this workshop, we will work on Maksoum, Masmoudi, Beledi, Chiffitelli with a live drummer.

• Using simple linear traveling - grapevines, oriental walk, oriental walk with simple foot work, (ronds de jambe, relever, chassers, pas de buerres, heel drops)

• Using simple turns & posturing - spotting, cheners, outside/inside turns, promenades

• Using beginner layering in hip work (punctuations, figure 8s, maya, hip drops/pushes/circles), chest drops/slides/circles

• Using arm/hands skillls - snake arms, wrist circles, palm press, poses/framing

Necessary class items:

No props are needed. Hip scarf with or without coins, foot wear left to the student's discretion. I do ask no cumbersome jewelry and a pony-tail for those who have extra long hair. Comfortable clothing -- yoga pants, dance pants, sports bra or tanks, etc. Shorts okay.